Meet The Team

The 2 Eds first met at university, studying Film and Media Production. Their shared passion for filmmaking and storytelling ignited their friendship.

Since then, the two have worked together to help others utilizse the power of video production. 

Edward Brooks

Producer & Editor

Edward Brooks started off in film always wanting to work in sound design. He spent many of his earlier years creating sound designs for different films and scenes. 

However, in his final years of university he specialised in producing and took to it like a duck on water, using his highly organisational self to get things done.


Since then he has worked as a producer on many of the 2 Eds' own narrative projects and they already have a lot more planned 

Edward Weller

Cinematographer & Editor

From an early age, Edward Weller was fascinated with his family camera and its ability to capture moments within its square view of the world.   

This passion of the visual medium developed into his exploration of cinema and it's aesthetic storytelling abilities.  


Over the years he has worked a number of short films with Ed, allowing this same storytelling flare to help promote brands, businesses or individuals.

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