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2 Eds Better Than 1 is a full service video production company. We operate across a multitude of different industries and platforms, creating high end quality videos for business that want to promote their products, brands or people. Video content is the key to creating a more engaging and exciting business.


Creative videos showcase who you are, what you do and why your customer should choose you. A video can speak volumes to your customers and are essential in todays market       

Check out our services below and how they will help you. 




Something Else

You know you want a video, but you're just not sure where to begin.


Thats where we come in. We offer full idea generation and development . We will take your brand's goals and vision and turn that into a fully developed idea that will capture exactly what you want to say. 

*In the current climate we can do this over video calls *

2 Eds Better Than 1 has produced a wide variety of videos and has worked with a number of different companies, artists and bands. 

We're not a massive team, but that means we have a very comfortable and close relationship with our clients. This is key as it allows us to create the most honest window for their audience to see them through.

2 Eds Better Than 1 started originally in narrative film production (see our work).

If you have an idea that you want turning into a screenplay or shooting script, then let us know and we can help. 

If your project or idea doesn't fit into any of categories then great! We love a new challenging outside the box project. 

We have worked on projects that required bespoke briefs and  have creatively adapted in our production facilitating.   

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